Published Works: 2010-Now



The Terror of the Night: Horror Bound Online. May 2010

The Ghostly Hitchhiker: The Storyteller. September 2010

The Bad Man: Dark Gothic Resurrected. October 2010

Astoteph: Short Story-Me!: November 2010

Them: Daily Bites of Flesh 2011. December 2010

Mother: Daily Bites of Flesh 2011. December 2010

Vampire Isle: Daily Bites of Flesh 2011. December 2010

The Werewolf: Daily Bites of Flesh 2011. December 2010

Highway to Hell: Daily Bites of Flesh 2011. December 2010




A Meeting in Olde Town: Blood Moon Rising. January 2011

Penthouse Pauper (as “Boredom”): Eschatology Journal. February 2011

Only Sleeping: Strange, Weird, and Wonderful: April 2011

Tranquility Hill: Potter’s Field 4 (anthology). August 2011

Road Diary of a U.S. Army Grunt: Frightmares (anthology). August 2011

The Loogaroo: ParABnormal Digest: September 2011

Nicole the Vamphyri: Pill Hill Erotica Quarterly 4. October 2011

Song of the Night: Eschatology Journal: November 2011

Anticipation: 2012 Daily Frights. December 2011





A Beautiful Ear: FF&W Blog. January 2012

Sweet Marissa: Of Leather and Lace: February 2012

Pocketful of Fear. Firefly and Wisp Books. February 2012

Foreword: A Thorn of Death: March 2012

Shivers Review: Xploited: March 2012

One Hundred Years Later: The R.M.S. Titanic. FF&W Blog. April 2012

Krazy 4 Koontz: Infective Ink. May 2012

Writer’s Block. The Golden Vanguard. August 2012

Death and the Old Man: The Golden Vanguard. August 2012

The Crow: The Golden Vanguard. September 2012

Death in Dixieland: The Golden Vanguard. September 2012

Bloody Mary: The Golden Vanguard. September 2012

Blood Hit: The Golden Vanguard. October 2012

Zombies: Era of the Living Dead (nonfiction). Shadowland. October 2012

Night of the Spiders: The Golden Vanguard. November 2012

The Forest of No Return: The Golden Vanguard. November 2012

The Naked Lady of Pelham Station: The Golden Vanguard. November 2012

The Dying Immortal: The Golden Vanguard. December 2012

The Creature: The Golden Vanguard. December 2012

The Diary of Dan Cooper. Homepage of the Dead. December 2012

Magick Man: Eschatology Journal. December 2012




The Deep Creek Man: Schlock! January 2013

My City: Dark Eclipse. January 2013

Death Row. Zombie Lockdown. February 2013

The Crow: Ehorror February 2013

Ed Gein: The Face of Horror: Shadowland. March 2013

Only Sleeping. The Monster in My Closet. March 2013

Becky. Death Throes Webzine. March 2013

The Forest of No Return: Hello Horror. April 2013

Tranquility Hill: Lacuna. April 2013

Mommy: Infective Ink. May 2013

Mr. Monahan Remembers: Microhorror. May 2013

The Woeful Filmography of Dean Koontz: Shadowland. June 2013

Social Commentary in Night of the Living Dead. Nameless. July 2013

Everyone’s a Critic: 100 Doors to Madness. October 2013

Angel of Mercy: Undead Living. October 2013

The Dhampir: Dying to Live. October 2013

The Suicide Forest: The Horror Zine. October 2013

The Highway Man: Deadhead Miles. December 2013

Night: Postcard Shorts. December 2013

The Hanging Tree. Shadowland. December 2013





That Time I Worked for the Feds in Mississippi. All Due Respect. March 2014

After Midnight. Tickety Boo Press. May 2014

The Rising. Undead War. July 2014

It! The Thing. Schlock! August 2014

The Valley of Night. Schlock! August 2014

The Terror of the Night. Schlock! August 2014

Evildoer. Dark Dossier. September 2014

Hell. Inner Sins. October 2014

Coming Back. Hellfire Crossroads. November 2014

Bob the Butcher. The Literary Hatchet. December 2014





The Hotel San Digot. Shrieks and Shivers From The Horror Zine. January 2015

The Curse of Beckwith Manor. Dark Dossier. January 2015

Homeward Bound. The Horror Zine. March 2015.

Sparky. Witchworks. March 2015

City of the Living Dead. Schlock!. March 2015

Where’s Johnny? Indiana Crime Review 2014. March 2015

Fury. Schlock! April 2015

Old Stoney Bridge. Baked Scribe (blog). April 2015

The Ghost of Ernest Biggs. Under the Bed. May 2015

The Ghoul. Siren’s Call: All Men, All Horror. May 2015

xxx May 2015

Kingdom of the Living Dead. Deadman’s Tome. May 2015.

The Freezer. Dark Dossier. May 2015

The Travelling Show of 2016. Beyond Science Fiction. July 2015.

The Kompanski Incident. Thuglit. July 2015.

The Le Ka Massacre. The Dead Walk 2. July 2015

Confessional. The Literary Hatchet. August 2015

A Perfect Life. T. Gene Davis Blog. August 2015

Rabbit Man. Creepy Campfire Stories for Grownups. September 2015

Time. Spelk. September 2015

Don’t Do Anything Illegal. Serial Killer Magazine. September 2015

Necrophobia: Nothing’s Sacred. October 2015.

Snowbound. Manor House. October 2015

Lord of the Dogs. Dali’s Love Child. October 2015

The Lake House. Horror Collection 2015. October 2015

The Revenants. Supernatural. November 2015

Snowbound. Manor House. December 2015

Dead of Night. Theme of Absence. December 2015

They. Cyclopean. December 2015.




The Vourdelak. Swords of Darkness. January 2016

The Shapeshifter. Midnight Press. January 2016

Snowbound. Manor House. January 2016.

They. Cyclopean. January 2016

The End of the World. Culture Cult. January 2016

The Witching Hour. Wax and Wane. March 2016

Thirst. The 9Tales. March 2016

The Crypt. Schlock. March 2016

The Rocking Dead. Schlock. March 24 – April 16, 2016

Ice. Dark Dossier. April 2016.

The Valley of Sex. Deadman’s Tome. April 2016

Back for More. Short Story Me. April 2016

Liberation Day. The Literary Hatchet. April 2016

The Terror of the Night. Lovecraftiana. April 2016.

The Rocking Dead: Seasons 1-3: Smashwords. May 2016.

She Came. Cheapjack. June 2016.

From Space. Infective Ink. June 2016

Kingdom of the Living Dead. Deadman’s Tome: Book of Horrors Volume 1. July 2016.

Dracula 1912. Midnight Press. August 2016

The Return of Frankie Marazano. The Horror Zine. September 2016

The Rocking Dead: Season 4. Smashwords. September 2016

Night of the Zombies. Tales Told in the Dark. October 2016.

Just a Mask. HalloWEEn Tales. October 2016

The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories (editor). October 2016.

The Vampyre. Jitter Press October 2016.

Feast. Dread State. December 2016.




Below. Blood Moon Rising. January 2017

Shades. Parallel Universe Publications. January 2017

The Freaks Come Out at Night. Grave Marker. January 2017.











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