The Great Horror Movie Marathon Day Twenty: Psycho Cop 2 (1993)

Psycho Cop 2


Oh, shit, here comes Psycho Cop again!


In 1989, some asshole mental patient escaped from his hospital and “infiltrated” the police force. He was crazy, he was a Satanist, he killed people. Really, this dude was all kinds of fucked up. After attacking a bunch of teens partying it up at a posh mansion getaway in the woods, get took a giant wooden spear to the chest and died.


Or did he?


The answer is no. No he didn’t.


Thanks to…the powers of darkness Joe Vickers AKA Gary Henley AKA Psycho Cop is back on the beat. While stuffing his face with donuts at a coffee shop, he overhears two white-collar yuppie types planning an illicit, after hours bachelor party at the office. One dude is a smartass, wiseguy type, the other’s a dork. Smartass loudly asks Dork about the sweet, sweet Mary Jane in Dork’s briefcase. Psycho Cop perks right up. People having fun and not dying? Not on my watch!


He follows Smartass and Dork to their office, Dork all paranoid because Psycho Cop’s following them, and Smartass blowing him off, because of course he would. At the office, they hook up with the groom-to-be (this fat, sweaty slob) and, after everyone’s gone home, they bribe the night watchman to look the other way while they sneak in booze and strippers. Also in the building is this chick named Sharon who’s working late and an adulterous couple living an Aerosmith song. Psycho Cop tricks the night watchman into letting him in, kills him, and then goes after the others. Slob and a stripper wind up dead on the roof, the adulterous couple get theirs, and Dork, Smartass, Sharon, and the remaining two strippers are confronted by the realization that all the bodies they keep finding are being made by Officer Vickers. Smartass and the strippers die, Dork is seriously wounded (twice), and Sharon manages to make it out of the building where Vickers corners her and starts whipping her ass. A bunch of patrons in a bar across the street see, and then gang up on Vickers while some weirdo films it all from a balcony (The Revenge of Rodney King, take one!). In the end, Sharon, Dork, and Vickers are in the same hospital. Vickers, using that ol’ black magic, kills the guards posted to his room and bursts through the door to kill again.


The first Psycho Cop was an all-around shitfest. It was generic, it was uninteresting, it was like a thousand other slasher movies no one cares about. And the guy who played Vickers…ugh. I’ve seen better acting at kindergarten theater productions. Psycho Cop 2, on the other hand, is not a bad movie. The guy who played the smartass (I’ve looked for his name, but I can’t be bothered to find it…I can’t even remember the name of his character) was actually a pretty fun guy. The smart aleck shows up in a lot of horror movies, and usually gets on your nerves. This guy, however, delivered a couple genuinely funny lines. I also liked the setting. I know there have been horror movies set in office buildings (I can’t think of one off hand, though), but it’s something you don’t see all that often. Summer camp? Yeah, yeah. College campus? Sure. Suburbia? Totes. Office building…that hasn’t been done to death. The characters are also a little older than your typical cannon fodder. Thirties, I’d say, give or take. All that office space made for a rousing game of cat and mouse as Sharon tried to hide from the onslaught that was Vickers.


Speaking of Vickers…maybe I was used to it at this point, but his shtick wasn’t as godawful this time around. Then again, I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to movies. I can overlook or even embrace bad acting if I’m having fun. If it’s a snooze cruise to Suck City, I’m libel to be less than nice.


When it comes to the Psycho Cop series (do two movies constitute a series?), skip the first and just watch this one. They got it right with Psycho Cop 2…or as right as they could. At the very least, it’s better than both Maniac Cop movies put together, so there’s that.


Now off to finish putting together by Joe Vickers cosplay. The other neckbeards at Stokercon are gonna flip.

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