Well, it’s been a while, but, hey, reasons, you know? I spent much of 2016 putting together The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories and adjusting to life in Albany, New York (oh, yeah, I moved). Anyway, I’m back with a couple new things, including a brand new story collection. See what people are saying about Shades:


“Editor and author Joseph Rubas has something… With dream-like vignettes, and sharply drawn characters, he places readers in the thick of nightmarish worlds populated by lonely people, often in sad or desperate situations. But his work never leaves us hopeless, only disquieted, and SHADES, his third collection, is ample evidence of a writer to watch – for all the right reasons.” – Jason V Brock Two-time Bram Stoker Award nominee (editor, author, filmmaker)



Aokigahara would be my best-of-book nomination, with Midnight, Paint, Potter’s Field and the plain nasty Fury scoring highly in the sick entertainment stakes, but they all got something. Richard Laymon fans will likely appreciate all the carrying on in the woods (the aforementioned Potter’s Field reads like a budget Mess Hall)” – Dem Bones, Vault of Evil.


“An exceptional short story collection, SHADES showcases author Joseph Rubas’ strong literary talent and extensive imagination. For me, it also served as an introduction to Mr. Rubas’ writing, and an invitation to extend my interest in his work. I was impressed by the consistency of the high quality of this collection.” – The Haunted Reading Room



“Joseph Rubas really delivers the scares in this collection of unexpected twists and exciting plot-lines. His work is fresh and original, and rich with dark delights. Don’t miss this book of frights; and keep your lights on at night when you read it.” – Jeani Rector, Editor of The Horror Zine



High praise from cool people. Watch out for new releases (The 4th Spectral Book of Horror Stories will be out Easter, and it’s a doozy!).



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