The Shapeshifter Press Release


New Novella Features Native American Entity

Daytona Beach, Florida, January 4, 2016 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously said that there is nothing to fear but “fear itself.”

That’s about to change.

Standing at 109 pages, the kindle exclusive “The Shapeshifter” from Joseph Rubas, a five year veteran of the horror genre, tells the story of an ancient entity who feeds on fear…by taking the form of its victims greatest terror. To one of its victims it manifests as slasher movie villain Freddy Krueger, while another sees it as a giant snarling dog.

Set in Harlow, Montana, a fictional village nestled among the lush, rolling hills of the Scandinavia Valley, “The Shapeshifter” includes as characters: Dale Parker, the sheriff, who was wounded in Desert Storm; Allen Sommers, a Native American handyman fresh from a stint in prison; and “The Killer” a mysterious hitman in Harlow for business.

Rubas, who is twenty-four, has been writing for over twelve years. His first piece “The Ghostly Hitchhiker” appeared in the literary magazine The Storyteller in 2010. Since, his work has appeared in a number of well-known publications including The Horror Zine (an online magazine that has published specific giants such as Joe R. Lansdale, Piers Anthony, and John Saul, and S.T. Joshi’s Nameless Digest. His short fiction is collected in “Pocketful of Fear” (2012) and “After Midnight” (2014).


Joseph Rubas
1830 S. Clyde Morris Blvd

Apt 42

Daytona Beach FL, 32119
Ph: +413-813-9781



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