After Midnight

At long last it’s here! Twenty-two tales of crime, terror, and the supernatural. And at only three bucks!

In The Beginning…

I’m not a blogger by nature. In fact, the word “blogger” conjures, in my mind at least, images of pompous liberal teens and twenty-somethings with a lot to say but nothing to offer. This IS 2014, however, and blogging is a part of the business. So allow this to serve as an introduction:

Hi. I’m Joe Rubas, and I write. I don’t like to restrict myself to one genre, I write what comes to me, but, let’s face it, 99% of my stuff is horror, with some crime, mystery, and nonfiction thrown in for good measure. I don’t like that gory torture porn crap…give me Poe over Saw any day. I live in the great state of Florida (I’m from Virginia, which I still consider home) with my wife-to-be, Brenda, and our amazing son, Jeremy, who is nine months old at this writing. I enjoy reading, going to the beach, and listening to music. My favorite bands are Krokus, AC/DC, CCR, Tommy James…I like just about everything recorded between 1955 and 1990. I don’t really like today’s crap, though there are a few exceptions (I’m looking at you, Foxy Shazam).

My collection, After Midnight, is set to be published in a few days by my wonderful publisher, Tickety Boo Press. I have some other stuff in the works as well, so…watch out.


After Midnight by Joseph Rubas

After MidnightIs a collection of horror stories published by Tickety Boo Press. The collection is available for purchase on our website, Amazon and all good booksellers.

Don’t miss out on these terrifyingly good stories and be prepared to be frightened.

Wilum H Pugmire said of the collection. “One thing I want in weird fiction is that it be freaking weird. In this regard, Joseph Rubas succeeds brilliantly. From the night city of Vegas to the haunt of resurrected poets, AFTER MIDNIGHT leads us to those regions of the Outsider in stories one will not easily forget.”